3 Survival Tips To Beat Credit Card Debt


Life is difficult especially when you’re busying working fingers to the bone, or trying to make ends meet during the economic crisis; there’s one thing that can definitely add some salt to your wounds – the credit card debt that you find extremely hard to forget. Having such a problem is always a burden, especially for those poor people who lost their jobs or had their salary deducted during the economic crisis.

Here are the three survival tips that can help you could possibly be your solutions debt problems:

No.1 Find a second job, working for someone or freelanced jobs

It’s never a bad idea to have a second source of income in order to pay off your debt as well as allocate some funds for your personal expenses. You need to be able to free up enough time for this. You can try to find some temporary or freelanced jobs via online classifieds like Craiglist.org or any free online job recruitment websites.

Tip no.2: Start stashing the cash – develop a more considered financial lifestyle

You have to allocate some money as your emergency funds in case you’ll need it when you can’t get money for example. You can only use it when it’s emergency like sending your car for repair, paying household bills and you don’t use it for casual shopping. Besides that, you have to control your daily spending so that you will not be racking up more debts in future.

Tip no.3: Try to pay more for the minimums and don’t miss any of it

Most people are able to pay off their credit card debt fast if they pay more for their monthly minimum payment of their card bills. The problem starts to arise when you fail to pay for the minimum within few times per year. Set a reminder in order to make bill payments promptly if you want to eliminate your debt effectively.

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