Bad Credit Loan And A Friendship still Intact


It’s not a simple process to get a loan when you have bad credit Well why would it be, it means that you have not been good at paying loans in the past so it would be risky for anyone to take a chance on you. I needed that chance though and the only way I could get a loan was to find someone to go guarantor for me.

My mum and dad did not live in the UK so I had to ask a wealthy friend of mine if she would not mind helping me out. She wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but with a little gentle persuasion and a look at the state of my bank account she agreed. I just needed to pay off a few loans and credit cards with a type of consolidation loan so that I had more to live on for the rest of the month. It would stop me from struggling by saving me a few hundred pounds each month.

I explained the situation she would be in if she signed the contract and I defaulted, but because we were good friends she believed in me.  I was so thankful and knew that I could never let her down.  I was true to my word and I paid back every last bit of money. My credit is restored and my friendship is still intact.

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