Bad Credit Loan Helped Me Support My Family


Times were tough, I had a family to support. I had been looking at job after job since my redundancy and could find nothing. I was just about to give up hope and thought I was going to lose everything, my house, my car and most importantly my family when suddenly a great opportunity came along.  It was a great job with great prospects but I had run out of all my savings.

All I needed was something to tide me over until next month when I got my first pay packet. Since my redundancy my first priority was getting food on the table for my family, payments on my loans had slipped which meant my perfect credit history was damaged, I was now into bad credit.

I needed some money to tide me over, someone told me about a bad credit loan. It was for people in my position. I had my own house but certain circumstances had meant that I couldn’t afford to pay my bills. Now I had a good paying job I just needed to get some money to tide me over until my payday. I didn’t need a lot just something to help me feed my family.  I had spoken to my loan companies about my position. I told them that payment would resume as soon as normal as I was back in employment.

I wasn’t stupid, I knew that it would be a struggle after so long out of work, but if I made sure that we kept things on a budget I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Years ago I would never have dreamed of getting a bad credit loan, but it really helped me out of a bad

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