Bad Credit Loan Stopped Me From Burying My Head In The Sand


With no money and lots of bills to pay including credit cards I wasn’t sure how I had got myself into this situation but knew I needed help to get out of it. I couldn’t do it all by myself and a loan company wouldn’t touch me without someone else’s help.  I had to go to my mum and dad and ask them for the help. They were lovely to me and said they would do all they could but didn’t have that amount of money to pay off my bills.

I sought the help of a loan adviser and they said that if my mum and dad were prepared to go guarantor on a loan for me then I would be able to get myself out of the situation I was in.  He explained that I would need to get my head down, work hard and only spend money on essential items such as food and bills.

My mum and dad wanted to make sure I could afford to pay back the loan before they agreed and helped by drawing up a money plan to know where I was at the end of every month. They also decided to take control of my money with my permission so that they could help me get out of this mess. I got a guarantor loan and kept my head down. Mum and Dad helped me get out of my debt situation and I have never felt better.  The loan even helped me start to get my credit score back on track.

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