Bad Credit Loan Turned My Brothers Life Around


I was worried about my brother, he seemed to be in hiding and not wanting to leave his place, so I decided that I would go around. When I knocked on the door he didn’t answer, I phoned him and told him I was at his house, the next thing I know the front door opened. I asked him to tell me what was going on!

He finally told me that he had got himself into a lot of debt and was in hiding from debt collectors which were calling around all the time to get the money he owed them. He didn’t actually owe that much, but far too much for him to handle. I was the opposite of him, I had a good job, my own home and didn’t have one single debt.  He was so scared so I told him I would help him.

We went to a loan company and I decided that I would go guarantor for a loan to cover his debts. The loan was based on my good credit standing, so the interest rate wasn’t too bad.  I got my brother a second job so that he could afford to live and pay back his debts. He needed to work hard to get his bad credit back to a good place.

My brother did what he had to do he worked hard and he paid his loan back.  I am so proud of him. I was in the position to help him out of a bad situation and now I am so happy he has changed his life around.

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