Bad Credit Loans Can Ruin Your Future


Why is it when you go through a bad patch in your younger years you are still paying for it later in life?  I have learnt from my mistakes. I got into a huge amount of debt when I was younger and did not care if I didn’t pay it back, even if it was someone else’s money. But I have now grown as a person I have sorted out my life. I have a good job earning a very good wage and my girlfriend also has a good job only I am holding her back.

The problem is I still have a black mark against my credit history. This means that I cannot get a personal loan at a good interest rate but more importantly we cannot get a mortgage because of my past. My credit history will be black listed for a few more years to come which means our future plans need to put on hold.  I am lucky to have a very understanding girlfriend and we will just keep saving hard.

A word of advice to everyone is don’t make the same mistakes as me. Do not get a personal loan unless you are mature enough to take on the responsibility and only do this if you have enough money to pay it back.

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