Debt Management Plan Stopped Unnecessary Spending


I was not looking after my finances properly I tried to forget they were there by burying my head in the sand. This resulted in getting a bad credit history, I was young and silly, I thought I could afford all the nice things that many people have for the home, but I didn’t consider cost of living food etc.

I spoke to a friend who worked in finance I asked for his help. He popped around to help me sort out a plan to manage my debts better.  We wrote down everything I owed on credit cards and with loans along with my rent, bills, food and travel expenses. Once we did that, we devised a plan to help me stop over spending every month.

I was shocked to see how much money went out on unnecessary things each month, I was going to have to cut back if I wanted to sort my life and my debts out. It was going to take a lot of hard work and tons of will power.

Thanks to my friend and his help, debt management helped me to get my credit back to average and to be more sensible with my spending in the future.

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