Everyone Can Pay Off Their Mortgage With These Easy Steps


Mortgages. Who really want to put themselves through one?

The house may cost a lot to live in that exclusive neighborhood but was it worth it. I can come up with many answers to that question so can you. We mainly want to know how to write that final check.

Why do we need to pay off our mortgage fast? Answer= So we can have a life. I can Identify with you in being suffocated by a mortgage payment. In today’s economy we all need to rethink the idea of a mortgage. I agree we all need somewhere to lay our head and most of us want it on our terms. So we dish out the money.

I really know you can be done with that house payment if you budget yourself. Try a few of my suggestions. I am sure you will agree.

Start by making a spending list. This will let you evaluate just exactly were the money is going. Take a closer look at your bill options.

Now you do not want to pass on this step. Write out your day of spending dollars. Where? Why? For what reason? You get it.

If you find that you are actually buying unnecessary stuff, then make a mental note to self to just not buy it anymore. Can you buy that same item cheaper in bulk somewhere? Are you wasting gas by not having a were to go first list? Decide for yourself that there is no need for all the excess trash you buy and make the changes you need to make.

Say it with me. I do not need to throw away my money anymore. That is what you are doing. How are you going to own that home faster if you do not sacrifice? Look in the mirror you got to get a hold of yourself. Tell yourself stop it.

Want to find more money for an extra monthly payment? Try inceasing your hourly rate at work. Find out if you can do your job at home. Explore all the options you can until you find one that works.

When you get extra income from new found job or from raise or work at home business, apply that money and make an extra principal payment every month. Make sure to write, apply to principle, on your check.

You do not have to stop there. Explore other money making opportunities. For example; work at home, offer products or services for a price or have a garage sell. If you have a special craft try to see who would be interested in buying it.

Money can be made at any time. But do you know how to make it. If they can do it so can you. Just watch out for false companies who want to take your money. Check around see what is right for you. Also make sure you can afford it. It takes a lot of time to start a business if you are new to it.

By following these easy suggestions you will eventually find a flow of money to apply to that mortgage that is weighing you down.

Do not let yourself stop you from being free. Together we can make that change and pay off our homes. Lets be fearless and just do it.

It was our decision that got us into it. Now lets decide to get ourself out of it. Keep an eye out for my next mortgage article.

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