Guaranteed Bad Credit Loan Assured My Maturity


There are not many loan options for people like me. I got myself into debt and now have a bad credit history and although I need just one loan to help me to get out of debt, the chances of getting a normal loan are next to none.

I needed to find a guarantor to become a second signatory for the loan but my mum and step-dad knew of my bad lending habits in the past. I needed to prove I had changed, I stopped going out and I got my head down. Although life became easier I still needed this loan to give me that little more freedom.

I had proved to them I was more reliable so they agreed to become a guarantor for my loan. We went to the loan company and they explained in detail what would happen and made sure that my mum was happy to go ahead with the loan, she needed to know that if I couldn’t pay it back she would have to. I promised her again that I would make all the payments and so she agreed.

I have grown up since getting my loan, after all they are a huge responsibility and when you are young like I was you don’t realise just how much of a responsibility they can be and that can easily make debt spiral out of control. Now I have had this loan I have sorted my debt but I won’t be in a hurry to just lend any money in the future, I will do research and find the best options and deals so high APR’s won’t get me into trouble again.

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