How To Avoid Debt!


A big reason that people are in debt is because a lot of people take out loans or use their credit cards to buy things like cars, holidays or things for around the home instead of saving to buy what they need.  Impulsive buying feels amazing at the time but the prospect of paying it back over a number of years doesn’t feel so great.

Like many, if you can’t pay the debt off as soon as you receive the bill you will be charged interest. So how do you avoid being in debt today?  The answer to this sounds very simple, do not borrow money, but is this realistic?  It is – however it’s all about changing your mindset. The items you want but are not essential should be saved for.  Although you will not receive the item required immediately, the reward you get and the way you will feel when you have saved hard for something you want is amazing.

Saving for things before you buy will be quicker and less expensive for you in the long run. If you were to buy the required item with your credit card and there is a big balance to pay off, you will be paying for the item many times over.

Debt can be destructive, but it can be avoided, if you can be strong minded and you are able to look at saving for things in advance rather than picking up the credit card or searching online for a loan than you are there. Anybody can do this and what better feeling is there than being debt free?

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