No Credit History Meant I Needed A Bad Credit Loan


I had never borrowed money before, so when I applied for a loan I was shocked to that no one would touch me. I was getting quite upset, because I knew that I earned enough money to pay back a loan but because I didn’t own a property or didn’t have any valuable collateral they told me I was too much of high risk.

One company mentioned a bad credit loan. This is a high interest unsecured loan. They told me that because I didn’t have any credit history it would be too risky to lend me any money at a cheaper interest rate.  It seemed like the only way I would be able to obtain a credit score. So this was the loan I applied for. They gathered all of my details together and told me that they would lend me the money. It’s not the best way to go about getting money, but with no other option I had to accept it.

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