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Tough economic times require a steely determination to survive and a good deal of guile when faced with a significant amount of debt and a dwindling salary. There are millions of people all over the world feeling some sort of financial squeeze and most are racking their brains for a solution to the problem of keeping their heads above financial water.

An event like Christmas doesn’t help if you are not as wealthy as you used to be and the pressure to buy presents and satisfy your perceived need to spend money to bring joy to someone else is significant and maybe at times overwhelming. Firstly, that is a perfectly normal thought process.

However, just imagine your life with no money worries whatsoever and the freedom that would bring you.No credit cards, mortgage,loans,car financing,secured loans and so on.Try closing your eyes for a moment and really imagining those circumstances.

Let your mind wander as you daydream about buying the little things that you have always promised yourself whether it is a new car, a holiday, a piece of art, a new kitchen whatever takes your fancy. Visualise you now have more than enough money to do anything you want in life.

There is a well known saying ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’ oh yes it does!

If you did what I suggested then you will have experienced the feeling of what life could be like for yourself and your loved ones in the future.

There are many ways that you can get more money like buying a winning lottery ticket or a deceased relative leaves you a large amount of cash that you never knew they had. these type of things do happen but the odds are heavily stacked against them happening to you.That is not negative just the plain truth.You need to find a way of making just a little extra money at first by attracting money with little effort.This is hard to do but it becomes a lot easier when you know exactly how to do it.So its up to you do you just want to cross your fingers and hopngs into an attractive business idea and wait for the money to start rolling in.

It may work for you but those sorts of opportunities tend to be the stuff of fantasy and what you really need is reality.There are very few of the world’s wealthiest people who have got money this way.They understand that you have to learn how to attract money and work hard at doing it too.

You will need a laser targeted inner belief to reach your financial goals. One of the most fundamental things to getting money is the ability to attract it at will and if I said that I could show you how to do it wouldn’t you be interested in learning how?Frankly, without the right knowledge you wouldn’t have a clue where to start. You need a desire and a focused desire to have more money and you probably wouldn’t know how to do that either. Both of these skills can be learned quickly.

A laser targeted inner belief is what is needed to reach your financial goals and you can learn this very easily. The secrets of ‘working’ also need to be learnt and absorbed into the mind of the new finacially savvy you,this skill alone will put you way ahead of other people.

Having a plan is crucial and when you set out to do something you must know eactly how to do it and see it through to its natural conclusion. Starting with the best of intentions and losing focus on the way is not the way to succeed. This crucial thought process can be very easily learned.

What about industry, ambition, energy and persevering? Qualities for success and money that you must have ingrained in your mind and fully understand.

Would you be good at helping yourself? Do you have the determination and financial awareness to scrap a money making project if it isn’t working or are you the sort of person who carries on regardless in the hope that your fortunes will change?

Focus is what you need to get money and as much as you want too.You will also need plenty of inner drive and focus as well as steely determination to succeed. It’s better to be a master and king of one money attracting activity than having too many ideas and projects on the go and achieving with none of them. Deviate from what you are about to learn and fail.

All the skills mentioned so far you will need to practice and understand to become wealthier and it’s the people who read articles like this and sneer who will lose out and stay poor. Everything mentioned in this article works and is a skill and set of disciplines that you can understand and put into actio with ease. They are all fully explained and contained in a free book.It can be yours in a couple of minutes and it will not cost you one penny.

‘The Art Of Money Getting-Golden Rules For Making Money’ is a classic money motivation ideaology and practical course that has been used by many of the world’s richest business people like Donald Trump and Richard Branson. They attribute this old but highly relevant book written by American entrepreneur P.T.Barnum as an crucial part of their money attracting skills.Armed with this knowledge Sir Richard Branson started his business empire selling vinyl records and cassette tapes from a telephone box in the UK.He is now one of the richest men on the planet.

Barnum sets out in short chapters a blueprint for making money and very specific instruction on exactly what to do. Start 2011 with a new burning ambition to better yourself financially and improve the life of yourself and your loved ones. Learn how to get money and keep it by claiming your free audio download of this classic book it’s waiting at our website and works on computers, iPod’s,Mp3 players and all other audio devices.

In order to become successful at whatever you want to do, you are going to need do something – take action.

Want to find out more about getting money, then visit Russ Chard’s site to find out how to download P.T.Barnum’s classic book making money for your financial needs.

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